Kimmy K & Ray J

Widely known rapper and artist, Ray J, who produced and sang “One Wish” and “Sexy Can I” recently released a hot new hit single “I Hit It First”. Rumor has it that his ex, Kim Kardashian, is the muse for the slightly repetitive song. You hit it first, we get it. Ray J of course refuses to confirm the model and mommy to be inspired him to create the tune. Many verses such as the first one “She might move on to rappers and ball players but we all know I hit it first” paired with the Kim K look alike in the music video suggests otherwise. Is Ray J jealous that Kim has a new romance with Kanye West, and a baby on board? The video may or may not be a jab at the new couple, and how Kim starred in a scandalous sex tape with Ray J before Kanye was ever in the picture. Could Ray J be staking an indirect claim on the hot mama? Stay tuned to find out! Much like Kim K and Ray J, this story is over and done with. Stay tuned here at RCB for more mama drama news!

Karliee Shae”


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