Is Selena on again?

Let’s talk about Jelena. The famous couple, consisting of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, have recently been relatively hot and cold. Biebs posted a suggestive picture to Instagram the other day, deleting it shortly after. Then another one of the couple was posted of Justin in Selena’s lap, being cuddled from behind as he was fast at work, creating more music for his Beliebers. A little birdy shared with me that Selena raced across an entire ocean just to be there for her hunky, and seemingly troubled (ex)boyfriend, in the European leg of his Believe Tour!! The teen dream has been spiraling out of control, even more so since the break-up, and Selena believes her presence could potentially help set him back on the right track! For everyone’s sake. So what do you think? Is Jelena in full swing again, or are they just friends for the moment? We shall see!

Karliee Shae for RedCarpetBiz, signing off


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  3. Stephan says:

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