Niall Horan gets cosy with Laura Whitmore

Looks like International superstar and One Direction member, Niall Horan, has been getting cozy with the Irish presenter on British television, Laura Whitmore. The pair was recently seen departing from Whiskey Mist before they hopped in a cab together and headed to an unmarked apartment nearby for a sleepover. Niall was caught leaving this apartment Thursday morning, a mysterious box in hand. Don’t be so quick to judge, only hours after Laura left Niall, she was seen smooching Ex-boyfriend, Danny O’Reilly after they had a light lunch in Soho, London. So ladies, what do you think? Are Laura and Niall sparking up a secret romance or are they truly just friends? The MTV presenter denied having a love interest in Niall on Twitter, reassuring his fans there was no need to worry, but she may be yearning for the best of both worlds. It seems she’s trying her best to make it all too clear that there is nothing more than friendship between her and Niall. We may not fully understand what Laura’s intentions with both men are, despite her claims, but only time will tell! So stay tuned and we’ll have all the latest information covering the story as it’s presented!”


Karliee Shae

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