Harry Styles Under Attack

“Cheeky One Direction member, Harry Styles, was bombarded yesterday by French fans as he exited Hotel Amour for the Paris concert. The teenage pop star was lacking in security and was almost crushed! Sources say Styles even cried due to the aggressive horde of females crowding around as he made his way to the car. Nonetheless, he made it (just barely), the beanie he had on at the door nowhere to be seen. Styles pulled away from the hotel as fans dispersed and began running after the car. One daring young lady went so far as to bang on the window while the car was stopped at a red light, desperately trying to get Harry’s attention. After going at this twice more, she kissed the window and ran off. Despite all the commotion, Styles posted a picture to Instagram of his view of the audience at last night’s show, thanking his fans for an incredible night. Hoping the rest of the tour isn’t as scary for you and your band mates, Harry

Karliee Shae


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