Harry Styles , Cara Delevingne and Jake Bugg Love triangle

There seems to be a good deal of confusion about the love life of model Cara Delevingne, who may or may not have formerly dated One Direction star Harry Styles…

Yesterday, it was reported that Cara – who former X Factor guest judge calls her “wifey” – was in a romance with artist Harif Guzman, who’s nearly twice her age.

However today, Grazia report that she is in fact in a relationship with Jake Bugg, who’s had a number of digs at One Direction of late, with one shot across 1D’s bows being that he reckons they mime while they’re dancing.

A source who’s supposedly in the know told the magazine, “They’re in constant contact with one another and whenever they’re in the same city they try to meet up.

“They both want to see if the relationship will develop.

“Cara is really into Jake and, though they’re both very busy, they’re trying to make it work.”

Of the story, the Mail Online adds, “As one of the most in demand models in the world, Cara has been jetting from country to country for shoots and shows, without much time for a break.

“Jake, 19, is also seeing his music career skyrocket and is gigging as much possible up and down the country before heading to the US to perform at Coachella.”

Meanwhile, The Sun reports, “Cara and Jake are an item.

“They first met a couple of months ago at a party she was at with her best pal Rita Ora. They hit it off straight away.”

So, that’s all as clear as mud then! But I guess if Cara ever did date Harry, and if she is now dating Jake, that could be the cause of the Bugg up his backside about 1D.


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