The Saturdays claim their first ever number 1 single


The Saturdays claimed their first ever number 1 single in five years yesterday with What About Us, and that can mean only one thing – lots of waltzing around London wearing pretty frocks for us to ogle.


After hearing the news they’ve been waiting for at Radio 1 last night, the ladies headed out to celebrate, fit boyfriends and other JLS members in tow

we do not really know who to be more jealous of … the fit guys or the glamorous girls

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  1. Jose says:

    Well since you are plugging heh heh Just fesinhid a HOT TRACK for MY CD ITS SO NEW IT HAS NO TITLE n*gga!!!Its not even mastered but its so ill I’m talking its so sick you gotta go to DR HOUSE to get a cure for the illness my dude,LOLOK anywayI’ll give it a tentative title nah fuck it I can’t but it’s yours truly Ms. UndergroundKween, Rime Royal (Speed and Jay Floyd yezzir), and Dapper AJ from the ILL Disciples with production from RMS Trizm from Paris, France!! Oh yeah RR I had to let Dapper get in on that track he brought it in right where Jay left off NASTY!!So Ill you need an MRI for that sh*T!!! OK I’ll calm down now.


  2. Jemwil says:

    Thanks for posting the pics. Kristen and Rob are suitnnng couple. It’s hearth-warming to see both of them supporting each others careers even though they want their relationship private. I hope “Cosmopolis” will give Rob the recognition he so deserved as a good actor versus just as a pretty face on the screen. Let’s keep supporting Rob in all his endeavor as an actor.


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