Red Carpet Biz Meet Rylan Clark

This week the fabulous Rylan Clark and the rest of The X Factor finalists took to the stadiums of the UK and we caught up with Rylan at his after party Gig ! Does he ever stop? We think no!

Rylan performed a four piece set at the modern “The Forum” Night club in Nottingham City centre , leaving the crowd hitting the roof and chanting for more.

Firstly we must note this, wow he is tall! Standing at 6’5 our editor could say nothing but … wow he is tall…

Charming and funny he seems on the tv box and those things he is in real life…after getting a few cheeky kisses and a picture, Rylan was then rushed of to Liverpool to perform his next concert as part of The X Factor Tour

We will say one thing for sure….we can not wait until Rylan has a tour all to himself #RylanStyle

Now You can party on the stage that Rylan performed right here


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  1. Alice Mercy says:

    I am so jealous of you Jonathan please notice me !!!!!!!!


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