‘You snidey b****rds’: Rylan Clark’s fury as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

They’ve been at the centre of numerous arguments during their time on Celebrity Big Brother thanks to their honest, and often brutal, comments.

So when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were given the opportunity to discuss their fellow housemates in the Diary Room, they certainly didn’t hold back.

The former Hills couple were made to believe they were taking part in a special TV spin-off called Big Blogger, in which they were asked questions by members of the public.

However, little did they know that it was actually Rylan Clark who was deciding the questions to ask – with the entire house watching the couple’s answers on a TV screen in the living room.
The results of the task saw another row erupt between the housemates, after Spencer labelled Rylan Clark, Razor Ruddock, Tricia Penrose, Clarie Richards and Frankie Dettori so ‘weird’ that ‘they could be a travelling circus’.

The task began when Rylan, who was armed with a laptop, posed as a fan called ‘SusyEssex89’ and asked Heidi and Spencer questions to assess their true feelings about their fellow housemates.
Kicking things off, Rylan asked the pair who their least favourite housemate was.
And refusing to name names, Speidi replied: ‘All of them, they are all equal.’
Things got more personal when the couple were asked to name and shame the housemate who has done the most annoying thing during their time in the house.
Joking that the most aggravating thing a housemate has done is ‘breathe’, Heidi and Spencer then name-checked Rylan for his habit of hanging up his laundry to dry throughout the house.
Referring to the time that he and Rylan had argued after he called the former X Factor contestant fake, Spencer added: ‘Rylan proved exactly what we’re saying – that he is the fakest in the house as he freaked out. You don’t go that crazy.’


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