Paramore Return!

Yesterday, American rock band Paramore, who have had huge success with hits such as ‘Misery Business’ and ‘Ignorance’, revealed new single ‘Now’ via their website. We’re pleased to reveal that lead singer Hayley Williams is still colouring her hair lurid shades of orange.
‘Now’ has a great sound and Paramore fans will be grateful for the return. Williams’ vocals on this track have already been compared to those of Gwen Stefani.

This is a preview to their self-titled album ‘Paramore’ which will hit shelves on April 8th! Exciting stuff. It seems as though 2013 is shaping to be a great year for new music!

What new releases are you excited for? Eager for ARTPOP, impatient for Paramore or looking forward to any other new music? Tweet us at @RCB_Music with your opinions.

Article Written By Music Editor Becca Scott


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  1. Kazuki says:

    If the company wteand to get rid of josh and everybody? legally they could because they don’t have a contract with them only hayley.So i believe the they tried to push them out( major record company’s are a whole ugly monster in itself) i think that it caused a lot of resentment in them because they started the band in their basement and then they are literally watching their dream being taken away. That just built up because nobody would listen so they just walked away. Takes alot of courage.


  2. stace xoxo says:

    down with one direction , up with the paramore


  3. Sarah Hamilton-Jones says:

    Will they be touring ?


  4. Andy Scott says:

    theyre making a return????????? LIFE MADE!


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