Gaga Set For Out-Of-This-World NASA Album Launch?

Lastnight the wonderfully eccentric Lady Gaga took her Born This Way Ball tour to Los Angeles. The event was as star-studded as a major awards ceremony: Britney, Will & Willow Smith, Azealia Banks, Justin Timberlake and Sir Paul McCartney were reportedly all in attendance.

Azealia had confirmed her attendance earlier in the day via her Twitter, leading us to hold our breath for a sneak-peek of their reported collaboration on a track called ‘Ratchet’- but sorry guys, looks like we’ll have to wait for that one! None other than Beyonce has also allegedly worked with Gaga on ‘Ratchet’ but the only evidence of this is the photo posted online in which she sports some seriously heavy looking gold hoops bearing the word- much like those that Gaga was seen wearing previously. Don’t tear your lobes, Bey!


One lucky fan who got to meet Ms Gaga backstage did get to discuss upcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ with her and she apparently revealed she had worked with Apple and -believe it or not- NASA to develop technology for the release of the new album. She also said ARTPOP won’t drop until her tour has finished at the very earliest (the last date currently is set for March 20th in Tulsa). We’re sure it will be worth the wait but we want to get to the bottom of all this speculation already!! Whatever these fierce ladies are up to, we’re sure we’ll be dancing to it soon.

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Article Written By Music Editor Becca Scott


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  1. i want to have a thing .fidelity case one love.i love god than evrething.because, ihave so souffer .i love you,but i don’t kwon if is possible, you and me again!


  2. Californian sister 2013 says:

    I firkin love Beyonce – kisses from Cali x


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