Artist Suing Lady Gaga Says She’s Getting Death Threats


Oh no ! More monster trouble.!
Rebecca Francescatti claims Mother Monster ripped off “Judas”

If what Rebecca Francescatti claims is true, Mother Monster wouldn’t be very happy with you.
The Chicago musician, who is currently suing Lady Gaga in federal court alleging copyright infringement, says devout Gaga fans have been showing their teeth and making death threats against her.
“Watch you back everytime u step out of ur house Rebecca, cuz you might never be able to go home ever again,” was one of the comments made online, according to Francescatti’s attorney, Christopher Niro.
Francescatti’s lawsuit claims Gaga’s 2011 song “Judas” is a rip-off of her own track “Juda,” made 12 years earlier. Both artists worked with the same producer, Brian Gaynor, according to Francescatt’s lawyers. Gaynor is also being sued.
Niro told DNAInfo Chicago that instead of being afraid, Francescatti is putting the negative messages into a new video and track called “I Don’t Believe in Monsters.”


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