One Direction Letter

We thought it was about time we sent our beloved one direction a thank you letter for being so god damn amazing right? And we thought what better way to do it than by sending a few twitter names with it so here we go !

Dear sex gods aka one direction ,

We are writing to you today to tell you that @becca_steph wants your children and @kirsty_turner22 thinks Harry has the best smile in the world….@JBportugal says she sleeps with a picture of you under her pillow every night and @amber_burchell has a life size cut out of you all that she eats breakfast with every day. @Maryam_Naushad told us that she once thought a guy was Louis and ran up and hugged him….it wasn’t Louis …and she was unfortunately arrested and charged for assault…though she promises it was an accident Louis…

@forks_forever says she gets told of at school for drawing pictures of herself kissing Liam and @darcia_adalgiza says she does the same but falls asleep and daydreams….with a little bit of drool hanging out of her mouth …and she snores…

These guys love you like niall loves food and harry loves red carpet biz @dominoCookiezz @nicolagatenby1 and of course..

We love you lots

Red Carpet Biz


2 Comments Add yours

  1. carmen says:

    There intelegent wow.


  2. Kirsty Turner says:

    This is actually amazing! Thank you guys xxxx


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