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  1. Other forms of therapy (chiropractic, massage, injections,
    ultrasound, etc. Over time, these feelings typically yield to acceptance and adaptation ‘ representing a healed, and now healthier mindset.
    Only a professional can help you get to the bottom of stubborn or recurring neck pain.


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  3. Your story was really informative, thanks!


  4. Thihanh says:

    Guess its about time I speak my peace.1. I am extremely happy with ernvyoee that came and participated with my event, never have I seen such unity in my state or my city. I’ve worked and talked with so many different professionals over the last 2 years and will make efforts to include more of you in the promotion. I would like to thank all of our sponsors, hotcards.com, exclusivefits.com, ruleofnext.com, the rock hall, crowne plaza hotel, mathaus entertainment, hush money management, advanced custom sound out of warren, king ape ent, urbmob.com, scion, yoraps.com, z107.9, and of course the trillvision mobstaz also a big round of applause for our staff, ms storm really did her thing backstage, if anyone needs stage help ill get u her #. All the interns who put in work for the cause, I spent a lot of time with yall, thank you sooo much Everyone that came just to be there, it means soooo much to me, and for those with complaints please mail them to me, , I will use them to make a better show for YOU next year. There are many things that could have went better, ill be the first to say that, but this is not an easy endover by any means. Your comments drive me to provide a better show next year.Sincere, lorand, both of you are friends of mine and I hope that this issue can be resolved. As far as sinceres involvement I will say she has contributed to the cause by networking with me and by her support. At the same time, she has put herself in this position by choices made in the past. I think both of yall can do better than airing out yalls dispute on the trill couch. Its called a phone, a direct conversation between you 2 to settle your differences and move on. This will be better for you 2 professionally and for ernvyoee that you do business with including myself amongst many others.Speed, please let your girl know that there is noooooo more standing at award shows lol, that’s one lesson we learned from last year. I understand your views on the talent. I’m sure we both share many of the same views on that subject, but the performances at this years show were the best I’ve seen state wide. As far as the no shows, that is also fine with me some of the artists just couldn’t be there, they were out of town or busy. We aren’t at the point where we can book flights and hotel stay for the nationals, or pay for kat williams to host our event. We are still grass roots, and we are still growing. I also feel that we do this event to help artists, not ourselves, ill be the first to let you know that I will not be rollin in an 09 anything nor am I eating lobster and shrimp. This event has major overhead and a lot of my personal money went into making this possible. This has been a 3 year voluntary internship for us. We are not bet, mtv, vibe, the source or even ozone. We are four men from cleveland trying to put on the best way we can, through hard work and communications. Yeah I was hurt by some of the locals who didn’t show up, and by some of the comments that they made, but I do still appreciate their works and what they do.I do want to make one thing clear . Don’t be afraid to contact me and tell me your complaints! Many of you are friends and peers, and I do respect your opinions very much. There is no need for you to hide your thoughts or post them on a blog for others to read. Feel free to contact me about any concerns you have and I will work hard to correct my errors. That’s one thing I appreciate from sincere, she calls me and tells me what she thinks is wrong with the promotion. By no means do I feel that the event went perfectly, but I do feel that it was our BEST year to date. To anyone who wants to contribute to 09 or work with us on something they think needs improvement please call me 440-610-6567. We can build for the 09 season early and make some real noise for the state.Once again thanks to ernvyoee who is helping to make the awards a real threat in the future. To those who don’t want it to happen, do your best to stop us, Godspeed .


  5. Ally says:



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